Our Story

Jodelicious Teas has evolved as my journey in motherhood has.

Based in Melbourne, we’re a family owned business focusing on teas with no additives using certified organic ingredients, which are hand-blended, harnessing the healing powers of Reiki. 

Ours teas focus on taste & nutritional support that are naturally caffeine & gluten free, vegan & breast feeding friendly.

As an avid health promoter, who has worked in the health industry for over 15 years and being diagnosed with different health issues with diet restrictions; it was only natural for me to turn to herbal teas for delicious nutritional options.


As a first time Mumma, I turned to Raspberry Leaf Tea to help prepare me for the arrival of my little bubba.  Not enjoying the taste & wanting to get more out of my cuppa I blended it with different herbs known to aid in pregnancy and so came the birth of Mum-e-licious Pregnancy Tea.


Then as a new Mumma struggling with milk supply and a restricted diet due to health issues, I once again turned to herbal teas for support.  With Fenugreek being the number one herb used for lactation it was key to build my tea around this, blending it with other nutritional herbs known for aiding in the recovery of the marathon of labour balanced with the flavour of Hibiscus, resulting in our Milk-e-licious Tittie Tea.


Sharing this with my mother’s group it was amazing to see them not just love the taste but the benefits it brought to them & so inspired me to continue my journey with tea.  As our bubba’s developed so too did colic, gas & wind so with the removal of Fenugreek & addition of Lemongrass came Bub-e-licious Tittie Tea.


While breast feeding I discovered there were limited herbal teas that were safe to drink that didn't contain peppermint (as this can hinder milk supply), so I continued to develop the range with the addition of Snooz-e-licious, Sooth-e-licious, Bell-e-licious, Health-e-licious.


Sharing these teas with my circle of family & friends came the demand for me to pursue this passion further & so here we are to widen our circle & bring delicious nutritious teas to your home.


Love & Happiness